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Maxi Dresses, Bikinis

International Shipping

Estimated product weight:
Clothes 180g - 280g per item
Bags 350g - 550g per item
Accessories l0g - 80g per item


Zone 1 (Below 2kg)   Zone 2 (Below 2kg)   Zone 3 (Below 2kg)
First 100g S$2.05   First 100g S$3.85   First 100g S$5.10
Additional 100g S$1.00   Additional 100g S$2.50   Additional 100gS$3.50
Zone 1 (Above 2kg)   Zone 2 (Above 2kg)   Zone 3 (Above 2kg)
First 2.5kg S$22.10   First 2.5kg S$55.20   First 2.5kg S$66.40
Additional 500g S$2.50   Additional 500g S$6.35   Additional 500g S$8.25


Zone 1
Malaysia & Brunei

Zone 2
Countries in Asia & the Pacific (except Australia, Japan 
& New Zealand)

Zone 3
Countries in the rest of the world, 
Including Australia, Japan, New Zealand,
Africa, America, Europe and 
the Middle East